You Inspire Me Dad!

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A tear welled up in the corner of my eyes yesterday when I received a four word email from my eldest daughter. It simply said, ‘You inspire me dad!’

To me, personally, those four words are one of the highest forms of praise I could ever receive from her. The only one that tops it is ‘I love you!’

As her father, mentor, coach, and business associate, I am proud of her beyond words.


Because she’s my daughter. I was there the very moment her eyes were opened to see this big world. And I am extremely proud of my other two children.

But what inspired me was when I got such an email that I never anticipated – it touched my heart.

For it is my deepest desire that my children, and my grandchildren, when they join us, stand upon my shoulders and start where both my wife and I have come to – to this point in our lives. That they build upon the lessons that we have learnt. That they succeed far beyond their wildest dreams in every area of their lives – socially, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

And as I continue to write articles such as this, it is my prayer that you too will experience your children saying to you the words, ‘You inspire me!’ Because it is my mission in life to equip my readers to dream bigger, to achieve more, and to experience the best they can in this lifetime and forever more.

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