Why It Is Wise To Be Wise

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Wise FoolPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘The way of life winds upward for the wise.’ Proverbs 15:24

I have lived long enough to see the results of a wise life and the fruit of a foolish life.

A wise life continues to wind up higher and higher and higher, whereas a fool’s life is symbolized by the winding down effects that take them lower and lower and lower.

A fool lives for the satisfaction of the moment irrespective of the damage caused and with no thought to the ramifications that will be unveiled in the future.

Wisdom Is Comfortable

Wisdom is comfortable with the fact that a good life, like a good wine, takes years to ferment – thus producing the finest vintage.

Fools go for the fast fix while wisdom waits for the forging of foundations, that at times take longer to construct than the erection of the walls and the roof.

Fools sow wild oats and choke on the crop produced when it is eventually reaped. There is always a harvest time.

Wisdom Plants Good Seed

Wisdom plants good seed, waters the plants at every stage and rejoices bringing in the sheaves.

So do not spend time in the company of fools, or else you will end up in the place that all fools end up in – it is called the place of destruction.

Add to your company, at all times, those whose mouths are filled with, and whose lives exemplify, the house called wisdom. For in that residence there is only one way that your life will go, and that is up.

photo source: mactoons.com

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