Why You Don’t Have To Wait For Someone Else to Say Yes For You To Be A Success

Do you like this story?

I learnt a long time ago that if I’m waiting for a ‘yes’ from someone else, in order for my life to move forward, then I may be waiting for a lifetime.

Life is too short to wait for a ‘yes’ from another person.

That’s why when I was sacked from my last full time job many years ago, I declared to my family that I would never work for another man or woman, like I had before, for the rest of my days. I would not allow the decisions of others to direct my life.

That’s when I looked around me and saw a broom, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop and started my cleaning business.

Since that time I’ve also owned a publishing company, a web design company and even a hairdressing company alongside all my online exploits.

Did I know what to do? No.

I just got going and learnt on the job. At times the driving force was hunger, but with every challenge faced my faith kicked in and resourcefulness, perseverance, and creativity took over.

The Art Of Survival

Survival is a wonderful companion.

When the waves are splashing over your life-boat, and when it looks like you’re going to drown, that’s when you need to reach out in faith, get out of the boat and learn to walk on water.

In the good book it reminds me that by faith I will walk through the fire and not get burnt, and walk through the flood and will not be drowned.

When publishers and literary agents wouldn’t accept me I found a market for my books and then self-published.

When I started a web design business and had sold my first five websites on my very first day of business, I still didn’t have a web designer on my team.

Even now as I scour the earth for a literary agent and publisher to take my novella ‘The Creator’ to a global audience in print, I’m not waiting for a ‘yes’.

People from 160 nations are already reading my blog, so I’m turning it into an eBook first and will start selling it myself.

With or without the assistance of a ‘professional’ I will get this powerful message into the hands of my precious readers today.

Peter G. James Sinclair Book Writing Review (1997-2011)

I did an interesting thing the other day. I took a stock-take of the books that I’ve written since 1997 – which was the year I self–published and sold my very first book, and I discovered that I have a lot of books to publish or self-publish in the future.

Here’s the list of what I’ve got in the wings…

Future Projects In Various Stages Of Preparation Are…

  • The Destroyer
  • The Miracle
  • Uniquity

Oh, and in addition I’ve written well over 500 blog articles plus created my Self Development Mastermind online coaching course.

So with all that work going on since 1997, while I was busily building other businesses, I think that it’s time to pull out all stops and start taking this creativity and sharing it with all my friends in 160 nations and growing.

What do you think?

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