Why There Is Only One Success

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‘There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.’ Christopher Morley

Before you embark upon the path of success it is so important to define clearly in your heart and mind what success is for you.

It’s no good wanting to have Steve job’s success or your parent’s success, or your friend’s success, because we are all different with different needs and values, and with a different definition for success.

So pause a while and think about what success is to you. If you don’t establish this now you could find yourself aiming at nothing – and nothing will ever get you very excited.

Personally ,success is satisfied in my life in a number of areas.

1. My Health

A few years back I was stricken with two frozen shoulders and a bout of pneumonia. The only thing that got me through, apart from prayer, was a regular session with my personal trainer. Keeping fit and healthy is so important if we are ever to operate at our optimum. I also watch my closely as to what I eat and drink.

2. My Relationships

My wife , my family and friends are the greatest gifts that I have. To be surrounded by their love and support means so much to me. It makes me rich. It makes me successful.

3. My Personal Development

I never stop learning. The more I give out the more I need to pour in. I read a number of books at once, and am voraciously hungry to grow through learning. For all the days I get to spend on planet earth I will never cease from being a student.

4. My Spiritual Development

I read the Bible daily. I pray constantly. I have direct communication with the creator of the universe, and seek to do His will in all that I do – both in private and in public. Does that make me special. Not really. Just amazed that such a powerful being loved me long before I ever returned the love. I am truly blessed.

5. My Contribution

I have learnt that the more I give the more I position myself to receive – so that I can give again. One way I do this is by sharing my skills with others as a gift, and then by creating businesses, products and services that benefit others.

6. My Finances

My pursuit has always been about financial freedom. Freedom that is not concerned with the ‘stuff’ of life – but can get on with that which adds to the significance I am bringing to my world. This is how I intend to spend the rest of my life.

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