Why The Long Name?

Do you like this story?

Have you heard the joke – a man comes to a bar and meets a horse and asks, ‘Why the long face?’

Well here’s another one for you. Man and woman come to read about the author of the Motivational Memo Blog and asks , ‘Why the long name?’ – yes – Peter G. James Sinclair.

There’s quite a story behind that and I’d like to share it with you.

I lived for over half a century being known as simply Peter Sinclair. I wrote books with that name, recorded CD’s with that name and even started this blog and wrote ezines with that name.

And then I had a name-changing moment.

But first let’s take you back to before I was at high school.

And Then There Was David….

My parents decided, when I was only nine years old, to take in a foster child who was three years my senior. His name was David. Now I was the guy who practiced the piano, played a bit of soccer, but generally when it came to foot races – well last was my secured place in the field on a regular basis.

David, on the other hand, was tall, muscular, brazen and on the first day at school was challenged to race against the fastest guy in the school and won. David, from that day forward, became a celebrity of the hour whilst Peter faded into the background.

However, before moving on to high-school, David had left our family, and I was no longer underneath his shadow, but I was still recovering from years of inferiority that I’d allowed to enter my life.

But once I’d established new friends I was little by little regaining my confidence and my identity when something, that would change all of that, occurred.

And Then There Was ‘Another’ Me…

Another boy came to the school – and his name was Peter Sinclair.

Again – here was a muscular specimen of a human being. Sure he wasn’t as bright as I was – but in order to define the difference between the two of us, the teachers in all their wisdom for teenagers was to pull out our middle names on full display.

Now his full name was Peter Robert Sinclair.

Mine however, tucked away in the secrecy of the years was about to cause all sorts of administrative challenges for the clerical staff, because I just happened to be the owner of two middle names. One of them I didn’t mind so much whilst the other one, for a cool teenager, seemed to me to be be far too old fashioned. Which one did they choose? The old fashioned one.

So for the next three years I was to become known as – and teachers would call out my three names in roll call in front of all of my peers – not Peter Sinclair, not Peter James Sinclair, not Peter G. James Sinclair, but rather Peter Gordon Sinclair.

I would die a thousand deaths every day they did that, and the fact that in the early stages there were snickers by my mates whenever the G word was mentioned didn’t help.

And Then There Was Just Me…

Fortunately for me, when I entered my fifth year of high-school Peter Robert Sinclair left and I was once again able to resume my name as the only Peter Sinclair who attended my school.

But fast track to today.

Why the long name?

Peter G. James Sinclair

Am I still hiding the G?

No, Gordon hasn’t bothered me for decades.

The reason I have chosen Peter G. James Sinclair is because I thought it was cool, and because I wanted to be different to the millions of other Peter Sinclair’s that inhabit planet earth. And remember this, that I went to school with one.

I wanted to be proud of the name my mother and father gave me when I was born – and the way I would demonstrate that was to display it.

And by having G in my name I can substitute it at any time with words such as great, good, godly, grandiose, graceful, genius, gold mine, gifted – or whatever G word that inspires me to be glad that I have a long name.

And Now There Is You…

So the moral of the story is this. Be proud of your difference. Don’t be ashamed of your uniqueness. You are who you are, and you have what you have.

Use it. Don’t hide it.

And what about you? What teenage horror or point of difference did you have to overcome that has now brought you to this point of being proud of who you are and of what you’ve been created to be?

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