Why Success Doesn’t Come Cheap

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In the past I have given an abundance of free advice, free coaching sessions, free editorial assistance, free mentoring, free speeches plus more.

That was my training ground and was most enjoyable.

And even today I still write free articles if they are strategically placed to help the most people.

But the other day I received this email…

Hi Peter,

My name is ……., we met at a meeting that you spoke at earlier this year. Just making contact for the first time on my own. You will have to be very patient with me as I am very, very new at the computer.

You have sent some of your great material through another email, but unfortunately we no longer use that email address.

I really need a mentor to help me go forward and reach the potential that God has for me.

We only have a small amount of downloading available, so I am not sure how I will go with computer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

And here was my response…

Thank you for your email…but all I can do is suggest the following…

1. Sign up to my online course Self Development Mastermind.

2. Or sign up to my Mentoring Program.

Often people say that they can’t afford such things…. but the facts are that in order to move my life forward throughout the years I have chosen at times to not eat food for a time or have completely emptied my bank account in order to acquire the necessary education first and foremost to move forward in my life.

The successful results in my life are the direct reward that has culminated from such drastic decisions – and it didn’t kill me.

However, if a person is not able to commit to that level they are really not serious about changing their life – because it is THAT which is required.

Success is not an easy road – and requires investment from the one who desires to attain her fruit.

I wonder if you are that serious?

A bit harsh? Some would say yes, but I do hope that the recipient of my response goes and invests in some course for personal development – even if it isn’t mine.

It’s Not About The Money

I didn’t offer that advice because I need their money. The fact is that they need to pay the price if they truly wish to achieve success.

I remember an event years ago, when I’d made the decision to pack up all my wordly belongings and take my young family with me on a trip around the world.

This was not a sightseeing trip. It was a trip – that opened up many doors for me to speak – that would take in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Scotland, Germany and the USA, and it was to define my life’s work and my goals ever since the seed of a global vision had been implanted into my heart many years before.

However I had a problem. I needed $10,000 to pay for our one-way around-the-world ticket.

I didn’t have that sort of money on hand, so when I found myself attending a meeting, and the speaker just happened to be a millionaire, I took a chance. I asked him for the $10,000.

He made me feel very small and extremely uncomfortable as he ushered me out the door. He was definitely not going to be my source of supply.

So what did I do?

I sold my car.

We bought the tickets.

I paid the price.

On returning home 6 months later, someone, unprompted by my wife or I, decided to give us a car to replace the one that we’d sold.

I Continue To Pay The Price

Nothing’s changed in all the years since then – having owned many businesses.

First I must invest both time and money before ever getting paid.

Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. But I am always willing to pay the price for success, because I know that by planting a seed of success I am positioning myself to reap a successful crop – or at least learn another lesson that will equip me for my next successful venture.

Success doesn’t come cheap. It costs, and unless you are willing to invest in yourself, then you will only ever dream of success, and may never actually fulfill your fullest potential.

So do whatever it takes to pay the price, because success doesn’t come cheap.

And while we’re here please share what you are currently doing to pay for your future success.

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