Why Staying In The Game is Your Winning Essential

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

I had been chosen to play representative soccer.

It was the grand final. A night game to be played under lights in front of a huge crowd.

I knew that I was going to be part of a victory that would be remembered for years to come.


To my disappointment though the coach picked me as a reserve, and at that point in the game, while the players were doing battle on the field, I was stuck on the sideline.

I could have left. I felt like it. All season I had busted my guts  to help my team reach the finals, and now here I was stranded on the sidelines.

I stayed there for the entire first half. Both sides had still not scored a goal.

When the team returned to the field I was left once again off the field of play.

I remained there for the second half as I paced up and down the sideline getting angrier and angrier with every passing moment as the scores were locked at zero all.

I knew that if I was on the field that the score would be changed. I just knew it. But for some reason my coach thought otherwise.

My anger and frustration was increasing with every passing moment. I was mad at my coach.

I Got The Nod

And that’s when I finally got the nod from my coach to get on the field. There were only a few minutes left of the match to play and still neither team had scored a goal.

As I ran on to the field I was just about ready to explode. I would show my coach. I would prove to my team that they had been playing minus one of their best players.

That’s when I received the ball. I immediately dashed up the left hand side of the field passing players as I dodged and swerved with the ball at my feet.

With one swift kick with my left foot I crossed it right in front of the opposition’s goal mouth where it connected directly with the right foot of our centre forward.

A goal.

The crowd erupted.

I was suddenly surrounded by all of my team mates in a state of celebration.

The whistle blew. It was the end of the game and we were the premiers.

What if?

  • What if I had left?
  • What if I had yielded to my anger?

Had I been set up by my coach knowing that an angry, frustrated sidelined player might just do the trick required to snatch the game from defeat?

That’s one thing I will never really know nor understand.

But the fact is that by staying in the game, right until the end, I won. And what made it even more special – we won.

So when it comes to the game of life, stick with it until the end. It’s always too soon to quit. Even if you at times feel as though life has passed you by and that you have been left on the sidelines.

If you stay with it you will get your chance to shine. So make the decisive choice to always choose to stay in the game. This is your winning essential.

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