Why I’m In The Heart To Heart Resuscitation Business

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The heart to me is one of the most vital organs found in our body. Now please don’t go and talk to the brain, the liver or the kidneys for a second opinion, for we all know what they’re going to say.

But just for a short while please humor me by at least reading on with my bias towards the heart firmly embedded within the confines of this article.

There is so much more to the heart than simply the lump of flesh that pumps blood throughout our bodies in a ceaseless state of motion from the moment we are conceived to the time that we leave this earth.

However, before we look at this subject in greater detail let me fill you in on how I actually came up with the title ‘Heart to Heart Resuscitation Specialist’.

It all started early one morning during the month of December 2010, as I was alighting from my car, just before I was to speak to a group of businessmen at a business breakfast.

I had just embarked upon a new stage in my career. I was preparing to sell off my web design clients that I had nurtured and profited from for the previous 7 years and 3 months, and I was beginning to reinvent myself and my Motivational Memo blog that I had been writing for quite a number of years. In addition, I wanted to now stamp my own uniqueness on this blog and develop my personal brand – Peter G. James Sinclair.

So with all these thoughts running through my mind that morning, after driving for over an hour to my destination, the thought struck me – ‘Call yourself a heart to heart resuscitation specialist’. Convinced that this was exactly what I had been searching for, the very first thing that passed my lips, when giving my presentation, was just that – ‘I am a heart to heart resuscitation specialist in the business of heart to heart resuscitation.’

But let’s take a closer look at the three parts that make up that defining statement.

1. Why ‘heart to heart’?

Whenever I communicate I have an overwhelming desire to connect with my audience. I don’t just want to simply stimulate their minds or tickle their ribs with laughter – though I still do both of those things well. I want to do so much more by reaching right in to the very depths of their beings and squeeze, with love, their heart.

When I get up to speak, when I write words on a page, and even when I scratch musical notes on a manuscript, I want to impact lives significantly. I want to be the spark that ignites a fire within men’s and women’s hearts. I want to impact change. I want to influence destinies.

I want to do exactly what other great writers, orators and composers have done to me, and that can only happen if my heart bleeds in the presence of those I am communicating with me.

Of course I speak figuratively here, for that blood, personified in my passionate presentations, is life giving. It is the nature of the crimson flow to give life, as I share from the depths of my being.

I open myself up like an open book for all to read. I expose my faults, my mistakes, my flaws, but don’t leave people there. I wrap it up with how I overcame and how I continue to overcome, so that they too are challenged to fight on and persist in the pursuit of their dreams. That is why it is ‘heart to heart’.

2. Why ‘resuscitation’?

I saved the life of my wife’s aunt as she lay dying on my sitting room floor many years ago. I did this through ‘mouth to mouth resuscitation’.

This is not the resuscitation that I am writing about here though. When it comes to ‘heart to heart resuscitation’ it means that I am reviving that which is dead deep within you, even though you may still be living.

So many whom I come across are walking corpses. They breathe and yet they are dead. Their dreams are dead, their hopes are deceased, and they commit suicide or inflict murder internally on a daily basis through the negative words that flow from their mouth. They require reviving.

That is what I desire to do – to provide a dose of motivational ‘inhalation’ that revives their dreams, encourages them to go again, builds belief, kick-starts their low self esteem and inspires greatness. Most people I meet have brilliance residing within, but they simply require a fresh wind to blow across their path so that the windmill of their purpose spins once again, thus bringing to the surface the life-giving flow that will sustain them all the way to their magnificent future.

3. Why ‘specialist’?

To become a master of one thing requires focus, concentration and persistence. That is why I call myself a ‘specialist’.

I have spent half a century working on my own heart, while helping scores of others to do the same. And that is why I know that I am qualified to specialize in the field of ‘heart to heart resuscitation’. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Don’t think that I know it all.  I continue to study incessantly so that I might grow and further develop through daily practice – to become better at what I do.

I hone my gifts as a writer, as a speaker, as a listener, as a teacher, and as a creator so that I can provide nothing but excellence in the area of ‘heart to heart resuscitation’ – reviving all those whom I have the privilege of crossing paths.

Each of us has been born for a specific purpose, so what is your specialty?

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