Why Great Challenges Can Often Lead To Great Influence

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It is in the place called obscurity that the maturing process does her greatest work. For it is from that place in the wilderness that you are translated from obstacle to influence, from challenge to championship, and from affliction to no restriction.

Many a great man or woman has been shaped and formed in the desert. For this is where the thirsty thrive and where the hungry dine.

Hardship shapes the desert dweller for leadership, and in the solitude is formed the foundations that will sustain them in the crowd.

Do not despise the desert. Embrace her. For within her is found the healing space and the preparation place. Draw on the power infused into your life during the time of equipping that occurs within your wilderness. For it is a necessary part of your development, and will transport you from great challenge to great influence.

For as you then share your story, your listeners will relate to you, while at the same time be greatly encouraged in the pursuit of their own dreams.

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