Why Anything Is Possible

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‘When everything is uncertain, anything is possible.’ Anon.

When I planned to travel the world many years ago with my young family, it was uncertain.

When I purchased my first home, with no ready available cash for a deposit, it was uncertain.

When I started my first business and the businesses thereafter it was uncertain.

When I wrote and self published my first book it was uncertain.

When I asked my girlfriend to become my wife it was uncertain.

When my wife had a brush with death herself while giving birth to our first child it was uncertain.

Certainty vs Uncertainty

Life is filled with uncertainty.

But on the flip side of uncertainty – as you simply push out from the shore of familiarity – you cross over to a new place where anything is possible.

I am reminded of the image portrayed in the film Castaway starring Tom Hanks, which is featured as one of my 12 most motivational movies of all time.

His security seemed to lie in staying on the island, and yet his future challenged him to build a raft and leave the island.

So my question to you is this: are you willing to stay on your island of security, or are you willing to cast away all restraint, along with all your cares and push off into oceans unknown – for it is there that you may either perish or prosper.

On the island you may survive for a while – but you will eventually perish – for the island will ultimately become your prison.

However, history tells us very clearly that those who risked perishing or prospering, by pushing forth from their seeming state of security, ultimately became the heralded heroes of their generation and generations to come.

For those who chose to remain hemmed in by that which appeared to be secure – well – we in fact don’t ever hear much about them do we?

So the question is: what will you do and who will you be?

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