What Happens When Men Pray

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‘When men pray, God stands to attention!’

I woke early the other morning, long before the sunlight had penetrated the darkness. It was cold and dark, so I turned on the heater and the lamp in the lounge room after quietly closing my bedroom door so that I didn’t disturb my wife.

As I sat down in my comfortable chair, I pulled out my iPhone, clicked on to my YouVersion Bible App and started to enjoy the words of David as recorded in the book of Psalms. David doesn’t hold back on his punches towards his enemies and his requests to his God. He speaks strongly, praises boldly, and pleads desperately.

And as I read Psalm after Psalm, there seemed to be a common thread throughout them. David’s God always came through for his man – ‘a man after his own heart’. And it was then that the statement, ‘When men pray, God stands to attention!’ burst into my mind.

Now for many religious and pious people that may seem somewhat disrespectful or even bombastic as a statement – to think that the Creator of the universe would do such a thing. And yet let me remind you of what Jesus once said, ‘Ask and it shall be given to you…’

As a parent, when my children ask me for something I am quick to respond, swift to give, and ready to aid. So why wouldn’t our Heavenly Father, far greater than any earthly father, be as responsive to the cries of His children – the very one’s whom he created in the first place for His good pleasure.

So pray expectantly, for your Heavenly Father awaits with great anticipation to answer you – His child. For He will surely move heaven and earth to answer the cries of your heart.

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