What To Do When Dealing With The Dream Killer

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I have in the past few weeks sought to expand one of my businesses.

I put in place contracts that I felt were fair for both parties. I wanted the new contractor to win, and was prepared to do whatever it took to assist in their success.

I even provided some rent-free time as a part of the good will that I wanted to bring to the new business relationship.

But this is what happened.

As soon as the free rent period was up the other party ‘did a runner’. Now that may be an Aussie term, so let me explain.

They upped and left, removing all their equipment – disappeared and then courageously returned behind the safety veil of emails that threatened legal action.

I had a dream and a plan for what we were going to do to execute this growth, but someone tried to kill it. I was even in discussion with another party that would have completed the threefold strategy I was initiating to swiftly and effectively increase our business income by 20-30 per cent, while at the same time opening up a wonderful opportunity for three other entrepreneurs.

So what do you do when someone tries to kill your dream?

Hey I’m as human as the next man. Get mad.

But don’t stay there.

So within one week I have reassessed the lessons learnt from the experience and am now making further plans on how to move forward.

Here are the lessons…

1. Never put your trust in a contract

I’ve paid lawyers thousands of dollars in the past to write up contracts and have found gaping holes in those contracts. And in many cases those very same writers of contacts take no responsibility and are not accountable for any mistakes made.

I have written my own contracts and found gaping holes in them as well. So what do you do? If you have a contract in place then don’t be fooled in to thinking that all will be well. Read them carefully, but also have an exit strategy in place, just in case. Calculate the risk carefully. The days of giving a handshake to establish that people’s word is their honor are long gone.

2. Build more than one income stream

I have already done this, and so the events of this past week are not devastating – simply sobering. Whatever you do make it your mission to develop a number of income streams just in case one fails or falters. Reliance on one income stream is a recipe for disaster. Develop other streams.

3. Press on with your dreams

Sure you may have been disappointed or let down or even derailed. Don’t stop dreaming. Dreams, though killed or mortally wounded, can be resurrected. You may have to make some fresh maneuvers to divert disaster, or you may even have to take a longer route. Don’t stay mad, just get wise.

4. Expand the number of possibilities that will allow you to fulfill your dreams

If you have a dream, and have only one way to see its fulfillment or are reliant on one person to bring it to pass, may I suggest that you develop a number of plans, or a range of different routes to achieve your goal.

Have a number of balls in the air simultaneously so that you have a larger net in place to catch your dreams fulfillment. Don’t be reliant on only one possible success strategy to influence your whole future.

So there you have it – four ways to deal successfully with the dream killer. Don’t seek revenge. Pursue success and put it down, what you have just faced, to valuable experience. This is the very stuff of life.

How have you overcome the dream killer in your own life?

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