What Is This Success?

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How does one assess one’s success? Is it by the size of the bank account? Is it by the number of accumulating assets that one has? Is it the level of business growth in the past quarter? Is it the quality of shares, bonds, stocks or even gold that one has been able to acquire?

How is success measured? Is it the strength of relationships, the number of friends, the state of your family? Is it the fact that you can communicate with your son or daughter on a heart to heart level?

Is it that you can part with possessions and give them to others without a thought of loss? Is it the fact that you have time for the small and are unphased by the big? Is it that when tragedy darkens your door that you can respond in a state of peace? Is it that when storms rage you can stand firm as a rock? Is it that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you always get up and go again?

Is success demonstrated by the car you drive, the house you live in? Or is it more than the superficiality of what many call are the trappings of success? Is it deeper than that?  Is it simply the fact that you can find what you love to do and do it, while at the same time earn your living from that very thing?

Or is it the fact that you have lived a life of influence? Or rather a life of obedience to the reason you have been created?

Or is it to live true to yourself? Is it to hold on to your convictions or to do what is right even though it may mean that you must swim against the tide?

What is this success?

For when you discover the answer to that question for yourself you will live a life of complete joy and satisfaction as a fulfilled and successful individual.

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