Vision’s Vision

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‘For the vision……will surely come.’ Habbakuk 2:3 KJV

God has a plan and a purpose for each and every child who is born on planet earth. We have all been assigned with a life mission, but it is up to us to draw aside and discover what that assignment is for our life.

He wants to share his plan with you, but he will not force it upon you. He’s a gentleman and awaits you to ask, knock and seek.

One way that I have personally done this throughout the years is by taking myself away for days at a time, sometimes on my own and other times with my wife, to simply listen and receive fresh instructions.

Sometimes the instructions have come in the middle of the night. At other times early in the morning. There has been no rhythm or rhyme to this revelation – for I have at times been walking, at other times shaving, even at times fast asleep – but I have learnt to listen to that still small voice, that gentle nudge, and that peaceful suggestion.

And once the vision has been imparted, it is then time to begin. As someone once wrote, ‘Beginning is half done’. It has been my experience that once you have received the vision that it is time to commence. Too many people go to their grave with good intentions. Good intentions never fulfill a vision. Good action is what is required.

Too many get stuck on the word ‘Ready’ when they live their lives by the threefold principle of ‘Ready, aim, fire’.

I prefer to operate in the opposite direction, ‘Fire, aim, ready’. That way, at least you’re committed. And that is what is going to be needed if you are ever to fulfill the vision for your life – just like having an awesome marriage – it takes commitment. And that means sticking with it no matter where it takes you.

Joseph, in the Bible, went through betrayal, slavery and imprisonment before he realized his vision some thirteen years later. And yet through it all he showed commitment, a spirit of excellence, moral rectitude, and an exemplary character.

So get a vision for your vision. See where you are to go, and get going. No-one else can fulfill your vision. It’s yours, given to you by God. He has committed it to you for safekeeping and fulfillment.

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