The Undying Power Of The Spoken & Written Word

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WordsPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair

Emerson writes in his lecture to divinity students that, ‘The true preacher can be known by this, that he deals out to the people his life – life passed through the fire of thought.’

I agree with the master of philosophic thought, because for me to be an effective writer and communicator I need to draw upon the lessons learnt from experience – and it is then that my words, whether written or spoken, have their greatest universal power to impact others.

Bleed Onto The Page

Theoretical thought is useless. Practical thought is applicable and relatable. It is as I bleed onto the page that others can receive their own personal life transfusion. It is as I pour myself out in word form that others can be filled.

For it is in the refining fires of thought that life can receive its greatest expression. Unashamed recordings of beliefs, ponderings and heartfelt unveilings are the very things that can empower others to become the best they can possibly become.

It is the electricity of our written thoughts that light the minds of men. It is as we courageously thrust our fiery thoughts onto the page that others are urged, spurred, challenged, inspired, and motivated to accept nothing but excellence.

The Power Of Words

Words are the igniters of dreams, the fuel of faith and the hands of hope.

Write and deal out your life. Journal. Take those thoughts and let them spill out and over every page.

Then speak. Let those life-giving words fall from your lips. Don’t withhold the flow. For by letting them splash as a gushing stream, the deserts of men’s souls – of those who surround you and for whatever reason are dying of thirst – will once and for all be given the chance to blossom once again as God’s children have all been designed to do.

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