How To Uncover Your Life’s Purpose

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walking the plankPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

There is an inner genius; a unique peculiarity about you like no other. But how often do I hear the cry from the confused mind, ‘I don’t know what to do with my life.’

How sad it is that so many have gone to the grave having never discovered their personal idiosyncrasy. This is the thing that makes you you and me me. The likes, the dislikes, the leanings, the urges, the promptings, the desires, the wishes, the dreams, the hopes and the plans.

For What Purpose Have I Been Created

But how many allow the daily demands of life to interfere with the greatest question that is imparted to us when we are first born and demands an answer:  For what purpose have I been created for?

It has been my experience, that in order to discover the answer to that question for my own life I have at times chosen to embrace ‘reckless abandon’.

Foresight would demand that it was foolishness to cast aside all restraint. But in retrospect, if I had not acted at times rashly, I would have never possessed the glorious future that is now my present.

Life Is For The Carefree

Life is not for the careful. Abundant life is for the carefree. For it is only as you step forward from the bondage of your ‘hum-drum life’s pirate ship’, with faith as your only plank and way of escape, that you will ever come face to face with a vast ocean of possibilities.

An idiosyncratic life is a full life, a creative life, an expansive life and a fulfilled life.

So demand the answer and refuse to live one more moment without knowing for what purpose you have been planted in this field called humanity. For those who know whom has planted them, why they’ve been planted, and for what purpose they have been planted, shall some reap thirty-fold, some sixty-fold and some a hundredfold.

For in being planted in the soil of God’s purposes – therein lies great prosperity and great joy.

I urge you. Do not live for one hour more without knowing the why. Be not anxious, for you will in time, if you persist, discover the how.


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