The Uncontainable Law Of Sowing & Reaping

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sowing and reapingPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I replanted my organic vegetable garden when we moved house. I had let it go to rack and ruin some months preceding the move.  For as we knew that we were about to move, there didn’t seem to be any point in planting during those last days. The result of that inaction was a garden overtaken by weeds.

Inaction has that effect on our daily lives as well. That’s why I believe that action cures fear and that faith with corresponding action attached produces beautiful results in our lives.

The Garden Transfer

When I moved my vegetable patch from one address to another – I shoveled the entire garden’s soil, with the assistance of a dear friend, into a large trailer and transported it to its new home. That dirt had been tended lovingly for years, and I wasn’t going to part with it. For in that soil was life. In that soil was held the secret of all my past planting successes, and the success of all future plantings.

The very first weekend that the garden was re-established, new seedlings were purchased and planted, and within a four to six week period following the move we were once again eating the fruits of my labours – fresh, green and delectable. What I’d sown we were now reaping. And reaping is always accompanied by much rejoicing.

One of the keys to my success in growing healthy crops, season after season, is that I continue to feed the soil, and at the same time have placed the garden in a sunny position. I spend most of my time making sure that the soil is the best possible quality through the regular addition, between plantings, of manures, natural fertilizers and natural solutions that put back the goodness that is withdrawn from the soil whenever new plants grow.

The Preparation Period

During these preparation periods, where I invest time and effort and money into building a strong and healthy soil, there appears to be no immediate transforming results. But once the new plants are established, through regular care and watering, the greatest pleasure gained from the whole experience is sharing the fruits of my labours with my family and friends.

Do the same with your own life by continually feeding the soil of your life – your mind in particular – through investing time and effort into the building of your spirit, soul and body. This can be done through prayer, meditation and study along with the positive association with mentors and peers – walking in forgiveness, keeping short accounts, always seeking to serve in preference to being served. And as a direct result of this habitual personal development, accompanied by positive speech, you, your family, your friends and those whom you touch with your life and words will rejoice – bringing in the sheaves.

Escape The Clasp Of Imitation

For to be bound by imitation is to live a life of mediocrity.

Escape while you can. Tap into the uniquity that resides within you today. Commune with the creator who takes up residence in your heart and mind, and surprise the world with yet another moment of superb genius.

Sow passion into everything that you do, every word that you write, and every syllable that you speak.

Do not fellowship with the dead. Oh, yes, they walk, they talk, they squawk, but they are as parrots who simply repeat what others have uttered. There is nothing original about them at all. And within their utterances there is no soul. Their skeletons lack flesh. Their soil lacks nutrients. Their air lacks oxygen.

Bring with you – in all you do or say – trace elements that enrich and empower those with whom you meet. Never leave those whom you touch poorer for the experience. In contrast, may they leave your presence filled to overflowing, busting, gorged, stuffed – replete – having reaped from what you have sown in your own life.

Don’t be as those who drain the very life out of those around them.

Flood. Drench. Drown.

They’ll not perish. They’ll in fact thirive and come back for more, because they’ve spent time in the presence of one who is planted and secure in who he or she is. One who refuses to imitate.

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