Two Vital Keys To Make Dreams Come True

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Post written by Bob Prentiss.

I’ve always had a special dream, something that I wanted to do with my life. It was to be a professional speaker, helping people, in some way, make their lives more special. But even though I wanted it really badly, I wasn’t making it come true.

I started on making it come true, many times, but I never seemed to be able to keep the movement going. I’d hit a snag, or life would interfere, or maybe I’d become distracted about some new exciting thing, totally unrelated to my dream.

I had always thought that really wanting something would be enough to keep me motivated. But it wasn’t enough for me, and maybe it isn’t enough for you either.

So I searched and I searched to find what other things were necessary for me to keep myself motivated. After two years of research and earning my Masters in Education, I found the answer. I found the two things we need in addition to a strong desire to get ourselves motivated and keep ourselves motivated.

1. A Feeling Of Confidence

The first thing we need in addition to that strong desire is a feeling of confidence. We need to believe we can make our dream come true. If we are lacking that confidence, we aren’t going to be able to keep working on our dream when anything adverse happens, or when we are tempted with something that seems easier or more “realistic.”

If you lack confidence in your ability to make your dream come true, you are going to have to find that confidence. The first step to building your confidence is to get in touch with exactly what is causing your doubts. When you identify what it is that is destroying your self-confidence, you can take steps to overcome it. Is there a skill you need? Figure out how to acquire it. Are there contacts you need to make? Figure out how to make those contacts.

Oftentimes you will find the cause of your lack of confidence is fear. You may know in your mind that you are capable of making your dream come true, but, on emotional level, in your heart, you may feel that achieving a dream just isn’t something that you do. The best way I have found to deal with my fear is to accept it, and move forward anyway.

One of my favorite quotes about fear is by Ambrose Redmoon. “Courage,” he said, “is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” How important is your dream?

2. A Supportive Environment

The second thing you need in addition to a strong desire is a supportive environment. This will include people that you can share your dream with. Find a community of like minded people and join it. That’s what I am doing in writing this guest blog post, joining a community of people who are interested in motivation.  Some communities are more formally set up, like Weight Watchers for those with an interest in losing weight. Some are less structured, like groups of writers that hang out in a coffee shop.

A supportive environment may include places where you can acquire the skills you need to make your dream come true. Skills acquisition can come from your job, a nearby community college or a trade association. Acquiring new skills will often give a big boost to your self-confidence.

If you have been stalled on your path to making your special dream come true, you might want to consider whether you’ve been stuck because you believe that all you need to do is have a passionate dream. Examining these two “other things” has been a life changer for me. It might change your life, too.

Bob Prentiss is a lawyer who has a dream of helping people make their dreams come true by teaching them how to motivate themselves. He has written a book, iMotivateMe: Take Control of Your Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams. In his spare time Bob likes to ride his road bike, watch action movies, play the ukulele, and play with his cats, Bob and Blyss. You can read Bob’s blogs at his website,, or follow him at Twitter, @BobPrentiss.

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