True Leadership

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Leadership is such a vital part of our society. But one of the most vital elements of true leadership should be demonstrated in the way that we lead our personal lives and not just the lives of those whom we are privileged to lead.

At times external leadership can lose its way and it is at that point that we must determine what vision is guiding our own path and it is at that point that we must adhere to our own personal dreams. This is where true leadership is demonstrated and where it will be put to the test.

Because of this type of leadership that you choose to take upon your own life you will be criticised, opinionised and even despised. And yet if you stand strong by your own personal convictions you will live long and live well. The persecution will pass in time and those who have pointed the finger at you will soon disappear.

You must remember this one thing: at the end of the day the ones whom you will have to live with will be simply you and your God. So stand strong on your convictions and you will be able to live at peace with yourself and your maker.

Of late I have seen GREAT business leaders in my land, as it were, fall from grace. Some have been imprisoned. Others have committed suicide. These were once the high flyers, the respected and the revered. And yet how have the mighty fallen. History repeating itself yet again.

How do I respond to this? Well, one thing is that it would appear that their trust was in themselves and not in their God. They allowed compromise to rule some of their decisions. For this they have reaped humiliation and for some an untimely death.

None of us are FREE from such possibilities in our future, but to safeguard our lives we must continue to walk in humility, knowing that our human frailty is just that.

And unless we yield our lives to the one who created them and seek to run our own race under His direction, we are doomed.

True leadership is unveiled by those who follow the leader of all leaders.

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