The Top 12 Motivational Memos For 2013

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Top12Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair & Friends.

2013 has been another great year – with a whole lot of wisdom being presented through the medium of Motivational Memo. I love the fact that I have been sharing this blog with other professional writers – who along with myself have endeavoured to inspire, motivate and stimulate you towards living the very best possible life that you can live.

So here are the top 12 – the most read and the most popular. Enjoy!

1. How To Build Your Life On A Foundation Of Integrity

As an employer of others, the qualifications nor the CV that has been presented to me by a prospective employee has rarely impressed me. I look deeper than that. I am not overly concerned with what they know, but rather with whom they are and the principles that they uphold in their daily lives.

In all honesty I would rather hire someone with less skills and more integrity than someone who is highly skilled and has no integrity.

The Webster’s Dictionary defines integrity as ‘unimpaired moral principles; honesty; soundness; the quality of being whole or undivided.’

To me it is all about being true to what you believe and doing what you say.

2. Change – The Vital Ingredient For Growth

Change, like the seasons, is necessary if we are to ever grow to the height and stature that I believe all of us have been created for.

Is change always comfortable? No.

Is change always convenient? No.

Is change necessary? Yes.

Why? Because without change we remain stunted, and then a most unpleasant thing will start to happen. And what is that? Decay.

For the fact is that if you’re not growing, you’re not flowing, and as a direct result of that you’re not going to fulfill your GREATEST potential.

 3. 9 Keys To Being Highly Motivated

What is motivation?

Motivation is the motivating force, stimulus, or influence.

It is the incentive.

It is the drive.

It is the petrol.

It is the spark.

It is the dream.

It is the idea.

It is the inspiration.

It is the beginning of all things. For without motivation there will never be the motion that is required to achieve the improbable and overcome the impossible. And without the motion there’ll never be the initial unveiling of motivation and the ongoing supply of energy that will maintain and sustain the motivation.

It is what will take you where you want to go and have what you want to have in your life.

4. 7 Tips For Increased Productivity At Work

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves” – Dale Carnegie

Staying productive at work 100% of the time is easier said than done. It is not uncommon to feel uninspired due to repetitive tasks, too much routine, or unchallenging work. All of these can lead to periods of unproductiveness, and this is hard to combat. Motivation does not always come naturally, and it takes a conscious effort to remain focused and engaged at all times.

5. How To Empower Your Mind Through Reading

I am in love with my mind.

Why you may ask?

Because no matter how much I put into it, it never explodes. It is a reservoir that is always thirsty for fresh revelation and new insight. It is hungrier than a lion and more voracious than a tiger.

How hungry, you might say, can that be? I have a pile of books in my office waiting to be read.

In addition I have a notepad and a pen that I carry with me wherever I go to jot down those thoughts that fly into my head at any time.

My most precious possession you might ask?

My personal library.

6. 27 Motivation Hacks I Should Have Known Much Earlier

Ever felt the regret for not knowing something earlier?

I wasted many days of my life not knowing motivation is an incredibly strong force that can be used for lots of advantages.

Motivation can get you work done, get you stronger, get you smarter, and ultimately lead you to the path of your dreams.

If I were able to time travel, this is the page of advice I would give to my younger self.

Let’s see if you’ll benefit from it.

7. 7 Habits Of Highly Motivated People

“When it’s time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived.” — Henry David Thoreau

If you know the habits of highly motivated people, you can try more things, start more ventures, get back up when you get knocked down, and inspire yourself and others to do great things.

Motivation is more than just finding your drive though.  It’s also understanding any limiting beliefs and internal conflicts that get in the way of bringing out your best.  And to truly motivate yourself for the long haul, you need the ability to inspire yourself.

My favorite definition of inspire is “to breathe life into.”  So, effective motivation is the ability to continuously breathe life into whatever you do.

But first, let’s do a level-set on what motivation is and why we care.

8. 4 Keys To Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

Strong people are those who have identified their strengths and use them on a daily basis to add value to their lives and to the lives of those around them.

Every one of us has ‘a strength’. And it is by tapping into that strength and by strengthening that strength that we can produce the most productive life possible.

There was a skinny little kid showing off to some of his little friends the muscles that were developing in his skinny forearm.

One of the bigger kids mocked him saying, ‘Hey Robbo, are you trying to break the record for the muscle that hangs down the lowest?’

All the kid’s laughed.

Unmoved, with the biggest possible voice that he could muster, he looked at all the kids eyeball to eyeball declaring, ‘My dad says that even though I may not have much muscle on the outside yet, I’ve got heaps of BIG muscles on the inside. And if I keep working out, one day every one of those muscles is going to pop out everywhere all over my body.

9. How To Socialize Effectively Every Time

If you happen to be nervous and hesitant in social situations, then you realize how many opportunities for meeting and making friends you’ve missed out on. This article will help you stop this kind of pattern.

Just imagine how your life would be if you could talk to people whenever you wanted, and you knew how to hold interesting conversations, keep in touch, and make friends. How much more fulfilling life would be?

Don’t be trapped into thinking that having a great social life requires heavy social skills that only the most extroverted of us have been born with. It boils down to a set of strategies and mind-shifts that anyone can start using.

10. 64 Inspirational Quotes To Change Your Life

Quotes accompany me on a daily basis. Quite often short and to the point. Memorable. In this post over 60 of my LinkedIn friends share the quotes that have had the most impact on their lives along with quotes that they themselves have created. I trust you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Peter G. J. Sinclair CEO of Outasight Enterprises Pty Ltd – Those who TRY are not mediocre. They are champions. They will win. They will overcome. They will one day get there – if they don’t do one thing. And that one thing is: QUIT!

11. Motivational Tips From The Avengers

When you think about motivation you usually do not think about superheroes. However I was inspired by Marvel’s big hit movie The Avengers. The characters themselves were ones that made me think twice about what motivated me in my life. Here are some things they taught me:

12. 5 Essential Qualities For A Wealthy Life

There is an ancient proverb that states that: ‘When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul; discretion will preserve you and understanding shall keep you.’

When you combine both wisdom and knowledge you get common sense. But then add to that formula discretion.

Discretion consists of the ability to make sound and wise judgments for your own life.

This is one of the necessary ingredients for a life lived long and a life lived well; a preserved life that rides through the storms, weathers the winds of change and is kept in good shape as one pursues their dreams.

The old proverb tells us that in being discreet we will be preserved. That means that we will be sustained and that we will be kept or saved from harm or destruction.

In this day and age, where there is so much violence, it is something that is of major importance to those of us who have families.

But what are the characteristics of a discreet, successful and wealthy  life? What qualities must you develop and what habits must you adopt in order to be preserved from those things that threaten your success on a daily basis?

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