To All The Crazy Dreamers Out There…Listen Up!

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Here’s a word for all you crazy dreamers who refuse to satisfy the status quo, and who put your foot down, not allowing yourself to be hemmed in by ‘in the box’ thinking.

You who rattle and snap the chains of normality with every movement of your thought, and who make it a practice to swim only one way – and that’s upstream.

You, who face walls of opposition, and either climb over them, go around them, dig a hole under them, or simply hire a front end loader and bulldoze straight through the middle of that wall, all the way to the other side.

So Have I Got Your Attention?

Yes it’s you whom I want to talk to.

So listen up!

You who dares to be different. You who has the audacity to dream crazy dreams.

You who pulls out a list of written goals from their wallets or purse and reads them out loudly and passionately each day as one madly in love with the purpose for which you’ve been born.

You who works tirelessly to help others around you to succeed, while you’re in the pursuit of your own personal success.

You who are dripping with passion. You with a raging fire burning deep within the recesses of your belly.

You with a dream bubbling in your heart, so much so that it’s about to burst. You with more ideas running around your head than you know what to do with.

You who will not accept anything but the reaching of your, at times, unreachable goals. You with the big smile stretching right across your face,

This Is Who I Am Talking To…

Yes you…

The dreamer, the daydreamer(yes that’s what you’ve been called at times), the visionary, the pioneer, the inventor, the creator, the trailblazer, the singleness of purpose person, the one-eyed monster, the goal-driven guy, the target-aiming girl, the unique, and the original.

Yes You – That’s Who I’m Talking To…

You – the one who quits their job in pursuit of personal freedom. You – the one who decides to take charge of their own destiny – not looking to the government or anyone else to care for them.

You – the one who insists on nothing but excellence while working for another.

You – the one who in their spare time builds housing for the underprivileged, who cares for the orphans, who helps the widows to become self-sufficient through micro-business loans or other creative means – not giving a hand out, but rather a help up.

You –  the one who coaches young entrepreneurs and devotes part of their time as well as a part of their income in the pursuit of helping others to rise up and over as conquerors.

Yes you – you crazy dreamer.

I’m calling to all dads, moms, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, granddads, grandmas, disabled, abled, black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor, privileged, underprivileged….

Come on! There is no reason that can stop you from becoming one of the elite in this race we call the human race….

Yes you – the crazy dreamer’s elite.

You were born to dream, and not to just dream miniscule dreams. You were born to dream MAXISCULE, MAGNIFICENT and MAJESTIC dreams.

It’s You Whom I’m Talking To…

And this is what I really wanted to say to you – you crazy person…

DREAM EVEN BIGGER AND CRAZIER DREAMS – for our world needs you like never before in history.

And before you go – what crazy dreams are you currently in pursuit of? Fill us in. I dare you. Inspire us.

First the crazy dream, then the how.

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