The Vital Importance Of Doing The Difficult

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘Undertake something difficult; it will do you good. Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you’ll never grow.’  Ronald E. Osborn

It has been my habit to always undertake those things that were difficult or impossible. I have positioned myself time and time again in places where I could have either soared or plummeted down to earth in blazing glory.

But the fact is that I am still alive. I am still breathing. I am still growing.

In addition, along the way, I have learnt some magnificent lessons that have equipped me for the next stage of my journey’s road – the one that we all travel upon – life.

Part Of My Difficult List

  • When I first learnt the piano it was difficult.
  • When I rose up from the bottom of the class at school to the very top it was difficult.
  • When I started my first business with no cash and no business acumen it was difficult.
  • When I wrote my first book it was difficult.
  • When I self published it was difficult.
  • When I learnt how to blog it was difficult.
  • When I became a husband, at times it was difficult to be the best husband I could be.
  • When I became a father, there were times when it was difficult.
  • When I first tried to sell it was difficult.
  • When I learnt to sing it was difficult.
  • When I learnt to swim it was difficult.
  • I remember learning to ride my first bike and it was difficult.
  • Then there was the time I learnt to drive and it too was difficult.
  • When I purchased a one way world travel ticket – packed up all my family’s belongings into one room and boarded a plane to travel throughout Africa, Europe and America with a 1 and 4 year old in tow for 6 months, with very little money, it was difficult.
  • When I hired a business coach and he started to pinpoint weaknesses in my life that I needed to address it was difficult.
  • Even to this day when I am confronted with my shortcomings and have to address them it is difficult.
  • When I have failed time and time again it has been difficult.

The Results Of Difficult

But amidst all that, through all the difficulty, I have learnt so many life changing lessons. And in retrospect I thank God for every single difficulty that I have faced and have overcome.

The facts are that difficulty has never stopped me. It has in fact forced me to become better.

I have suffered under leadership that was difficult. I have been betrayed. I have been retrenched. I have been belittled, and at times it is I who have been the one who has been difficult.

But that aside – through difficulty faced and experienced I have grown like an acorn seed that has emerged as a mighty oak.

So go. I challenge you.

Attempt something difficult today and watch how high you can grow.

This post is dedicated to my mum – June – on her birthday – as she has always demonstrated the willingness and the ability to do the difficult. Her fine example has inspired me to do the same and has already been passed down to the next generation.

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