The Uncommon Place

Do you like this story?

There is a place where you and I must reside. It is called the uncommon place. It is at times a lonely place, and is where few choose to reside.

However, there is a call being heralded throughout the world. There is a cry going out to the ends of the earth for those who will take up the challenge to rise up as leaders in their families, their schools, their universities, their workplaces, their churches, and throughout the entire fabric that makes up today’s society.

Who will take up the challenge? Who will count the cost? Who will pay the price? Who will stand against the tide of common opinion? Who will speak out? Who will be light? Who will be salt? Who will be a city set on a hill?

This is where those who stand up in response to this call will be and are transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary. It may take decades to manifest, but if you persist it will surely appear.

This is where the common are transfigured into that which is uncommon. For these are the peculiar people who are going to effect eternal change in today’s universe.

These are the visionaries. These are the dreamers. These are those who fail time and again, and yet who get up one more time until they finally taste the sweet taste of success.

These are the triumphant. These are the courageous. These are those who have heart. These are those who have soul. And these are those whom men, women and children will follow whilst supping on the richness of the knowledge and wisdom that flows from their mouths and through their pens.

For there is an army rising up; an army of those who have made a deliberate decision to stay above the common place. They walk in the footsteps of the great leaders who have already walked this earth throughout the centuries, and they too declare, ‘we have been born for a time such as this’.

These are they who have a sense of destiny, and they will not rest until that destiny is fulfilled to utter completion. These are the willing. These are the obedient. And as the good book says, ‘the willing and obedient shall eat the fat of the land.’

And in eating, and in being filled to overflowing, they will share their wealth, their riches, their hopes, and their dreams with those who will hearken to the voice of Wisdom as she cries out – ‘Come. Come and drink of the rivers of life, and live a life filled with abundance from this day forward and forevermore – both you and the generations that follow.’

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