The Triumph Of Enthusiasm

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‘Every great and commanding moment in the annals of the world is the triumph of some enthusiasm.’ R. W. Emerson

Throughout my life I know for a fact that the only thing that allowed me to succeed at times was that I attached to my limited talent, my minuscule knowledge, and my defective abilities my secret winning ingredient – and that was enthusiasm.

The day I started a cleaning business after being retrenched, vowing that I would never again work for another man for the rest of my days, I printed some leaflets and walked the streets with my young family putting them into the local neighborhood’s mailboxes. Within a very short time I was earning more part-time in my own business than I was earning working full-time for someone else. Three years later I sold that business at a profit.

I then published my first book ‘Memories, Thoughts & Photographs’ and spent $70 to fix my typewriter so that I could type the manuscript. My first sale of that self-published book netted me over $100,000. Not a bad return on an investment that had been coupled with enthusiasm.

Then when I started my web design business with no design or technical experience, with the assistance of my 14 year old son who was the only one in the business technically inclined, again I printed some leaflets and this time walked alone into some industrial areas. On the very first day of canvassing I returned home having sold five websites.

The only common ingredient in these three success stories was my enthusiasm.

And so I continue to take this same enthusiasm into every day and into every project or adventure that I undertake. For I know that it is through making enthusiasm an essential ingredient in our daily recipe of success that we will surely triumph.

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