The Threefold Power Of ‘The Motivational Memo’

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It’s been ten years since I first came up with the name Motivational Memo and bought the domain name.

In the early days I started writing a weekly ezine and steadily readers responded positively to the articles that had a motivational flare.

Here are just some of the hundreds of comments received during that period:

‘I have the highest praise for your Motivational Memos. In my books you achieve the highest goal – you INSPIRE!’ Jerome Dsouza

‘I loved this Motivational Memo. You continually amaze me with your clarity and thought process.’ Barney Mayse

‘Thank you so much for your Memos over the last few months. I have enjoyed them tremendously and always look forward to opening my new Memo. Your words always seem to have some significant meaning to me, and are always appropriate at the time.’ Carol Ko

‘Well done on the Motivational Memos. I read it 3 times or more on every issue and find them very good, excellent, 5 stars, rewarding, making sense, simple to understand, back to basics, workable.’ Peter Wong

102 Motivational Memos = 1 Self Published Bestseller

From a two year period of writing one ezine a week I created one of the books I have self published entitled ‘Good Things Don’t Come To Those Who Wait’. It contained 102 Motivational Memos and I’m excited to let you know that I will be re-releasing it as an eBook very soon.

Enter The World Of The Blog

And then a few years back the blog medium came to prominence, and so I transferred my motivational energies into writing blog articles.

I was busy building a web design business at the time and pursuing other business activities – but at the same time continued to express myself through the Motivational Memo Blog.

Now The Redirection

Well right now I’m in the process of selling off part of my web design company, assisting my eldest daughter in expanding her Wedding House Directory brand  throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

In addition I am also assisting my son in expanding his Elvanto brand globally. He has created a very clever piece of software whose target market is the worldwide church – to assist them with all their volunteer rostering needs.

And in the midst of this I’m in the process of purchasing a hair salon and developing a new web presence for that business for my youngest daughter – as she recently graduated as a fully fledged hairdresser.

Now For The Re-branding

But finally, I have decided to now take my Motivational Memo brand and give it the attention it deserves. Hence the new design and the clear definition of the brand.

I have identified the threefold power of my Motivational Memos with the three words: remind, energize and activate.

So let me expand on this:

1. Remind

It is so easy to forget. Life has a habit of interrupting us. The knocks of life have the ability to deaden our memory. Busyness is the greatest enemy of this gadget obsessed world that we live in.

So that is why we need to be constantly reminded of who we are, what we have been born for, the purpose for which we were created, the necessity of prioritizing our life, the need to identify our strengths and delegate our weaknesses, and the vital importance of pursuing our passion.

My Motivational Memo is created for all of the above reasons plus so much more. My life mission is to lift people (out of the mud and mire of daily living) to become all that they have been created to be.

You were created for greatness – and I will keep you in remembrance of this.

2. Energize

Have you ever woken up from a night’s sleep totally drained of energy?

Batteries, after constant use, go flat. They need recharging. My iPhone won’t last forever. Each night I need to plug it in to an electrical source if I want it to last the next day.

Mentally, physically, spiritually and socially we need constant revitalization.

And in most cases it takes a simple realignment of our thinking – and wham! – energy bursts back into our being. It acts like a spark and we’re once again ablaze with hope, expectation and faith.

When I write my Motivational Memos I pray that each word will be filled with just the right amount of spark to energize you as my reader.

3. Activate

I do not write simply to entertain. Any writer can do that. I am motivated to write material that will inspire my readers into taking action.

The good book tells us that faith without works is dead. Well motivation without action is even deader than that. To be motivated and to do nothing with that motivation is to spin around in circles and ultimately dig our own grave.

It is my desire to activate, or at times reactivate you from a state of rest into a state of resilient action that will take you one step further towards your goals of happiness, fulfillment and contribution – creating a better world for you, your family, your community, your country and our world.

So there you have it – a clearly defined manifesto of the purpose behind my Motivational Memos that I am now planning to take to another level. I want to thank you in advance for assisting me in sharing this Motivational Memo with others so that we can reach the multitudes with a message that will remind, energize and activate them towards a magnificent future.

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