The Testimony Of A Life Still Being Lived

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I was recently asked to not only share my business acumen, but to also share the testimony of my life as a Christian….

In my life, I have never compartmentalized it into separate mental, physical, spiritual and financial areas. They are one and the same. What you see is what you get. My spiritual life impacts my life as a speaker, a writer, a father, a husband, a friend and a businessman.

So here is a brief testimony of a life still being lived…

‘Peter G. James Sinclair remembers the night vividly. He was only a boy when he ran in front of a car. It was late at night, and he knew for a fact that an angelic force stood between him and the headlights of the vehicle, and that it wasn’t his time yet to leave this earth. Then there was the time when his son was raised from the dead in his arms. And then at another time Jesus turned up in his dreams one morning and miraculously and instantaneously healed his frozen shoulder.

Brought up as an Anglican by his parents, Peter was in church from the day he was born. But growing up he remembers vividly as a boy attending a Billy Graham Crusade in Sydney where he rejected the first call from the Lord Jesus. Unlike his mates, who went down the front when the altar call was made, Peter, ever single-minded and never one to follow the crowd, stayed put.

But at the age of 17, while attending a Christian Youth Camp, he found himself one night tucked up all alone in his sleeping bag, kneeling at the side of his bed crying his eyes out as he finally yielded to Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

But ever struggling with his Christian walk, it wasn’t until he was 25, after meeting a lady who had been miraculously healed of Cancer during a St Andrew’s Cathedral healing service, that he was invited to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once again alone, but this time in his lounge room, while reading a book on how to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Peter didn’t even get to the point in the book where it listed the ‘how to’s’ when he was suddenly overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues whilst simultaneously laughing, crying and dancing all around his house.

From that day forward Peter’s life has never been the same, and after spending a number of years in full time ministry he was called specifically, during a time of prayer and fasting, into business – and through that, and through his speaking and writing, he now counts it an awesome privilege to unashamedly spread the good news of Jesus wherever he goes.’

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