The Study Of The Studious

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‘Study to show yourself approved…’ *

I spend at least one hour a day in study. The busier I get, the greater I find the need to dig deeper through the habit of study.

And what do I study?

1. I Study Where My Passion Lies

The bulk of my study time is devoted to my passion. For me my passion lies deeply entrenched in the writings of the philosophers throughout the ages. When I come across a philosopher who impacts my thoughts and my heart, I make it my mission to discover whom they read – and before long I am introduced to the company of those who formed the basis of modern thought as we know it today.

When I read I read to be inspired – and it is from there that I build my own structures – for they are the springboards from which I leap ever forward in my own thinking so that I can continue to be an effective influencer upon those who happen to come into my sphere of influence. As one who seeks to inspire others to excel, I must first be inspired . For me to water others I must first be watered. And this is where I drink deeply – daily.

2. I Study Where My Heart Lies

Part of the process of study involves self examination. This is not purely navel gazing. This is to check the state of my own character. Like all of us, I am as flawed as the next human – but in the process I seek to fill in whatever cracks become apparent along the way. Self analysis is not about self paralysis, but rather self propulsion – becoming better so that we can grow bigger. And the bigger we get – on the inside – the more influence we will have on the outside.

3. I Study Where My Business/Career Lies

One of the keys to the success of any business or career path is that we take time out to evaluate our progress. We set goals that are assigned a particular date for fulfillment. And once we reach that date we need to be strong enough to assess whether we have indeed succeeded or failed to reach that goal. Through the process of evaluation, carried out at regular intervals, we can build towards success with our eyes wide open and in the full light of openness and honesty. The truth always sets us free.

4. I Study Where My Future Lies

The future is where we are all moving towards. How you picture your future will determine how you will fulfill it. So I take time to study the future that I wish to create for both myself, my family and for my colleagues. This involves planning. This involves dreaming. This involves developing progressive goals. This involves the establishment of signposts. This involves the acquisition of new knowledge and the input of mentors. This requires a team effort and of course study – the study of the studious.

* 1 Timothy 2:15a

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