The Secret To My Happiness

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‘It is pleasant to die, if there be gods; and sad to live, if there be none.’ Marcus Antoninus

There are many things that I am yet to discover on my sojourn here on planet earth, but I have started to gain a better understanding as to what makes me happy.

At this very moment I am happy to sit next to my blazing fire in my sitting room that I prepared for the comfort of my family on this cold and wet winter’s day.

While my wife watches the television, and my children sleep soundly on the other lounge I have my ear phones on listening to my favorite music, with a copy of Emerson’s writings on my lap, my pen flourishing across the page of my journal as I write this article while sipping on a hot cup of Chai Green Tea.

Nothing could make me happier as I look outside to see the gentle rain refreshing my garden.

So Here Is The Secret To My Happiness

  • I continually CHOOSE to be happy, no matter what my circumstances.
  • I have learnt to be happy when I abound and I have learnt to be happy when I am abased.
  • I have learnt the value of living in a state of dissatisfied satisfaction. Even though I may not have yet achieved all my dreams, I am determined to enjoy every day of the journey.
  • I have learnt that sadness happens, but only lasts for a season. For every winter there is a spring, and for every storm there is a rainbow.
  • I have learnt to do what I love and to love what I do.
  • I have learnt to give, to be generous, for I am fully aware of the power of the law of sowing and reaping.
  • I have learnt to forgive, and that even though the pain still remains for a time it eventually heals.
  • I have learnt to live my life by faith and not by sight.
  • I have learnt that what we have or do does not define who we are.
  • I have learnt to be ruled by a sprit of integrity in all that I do.
  • I never submit my will to another man, nor do I place the decision for my life into the hands of another.
  • I am responsible – even if that means I must correct a wrong or rectify a fault. I am still human, and that means I am fallible and flawed.
  • I dream my dreams. I fail often and I get up. I dust myself off and go again after asking myself the question: ‘What can I learn from this?’
  • I have set a goal to live long and to live strong until the age of 104. That makes me happy.
  • I choose to lift others whenever they come into my personal presence or in touch with my written words.
  • I have learnt to say ‘no’.
  • I love the General of the Universe. I love my family. I love my pets. I love my life. I love clean and tidy. I love music. I love art. I love nature. I love friendship. I love eating healthy food. I love drinking filtered water. I love speaking & writing. I love my veggie garden. I love to create magnificence.

So now it’s your turn – what is the secret to your happiness?

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