The Rush Created From Inventing A Self Development Course

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I have been working towards this coming Wednesday since December of last year.

And what a rush it has been.

When I write ‘rush’ – I mean an adrenalin rush, a powerful surge of creativity and innovation that has produced something of extreme quality and of which I am very proud.

Along with the creation of my 6 month course Self Development Mastermind, I am simultaneously releasing my latest eBook entitled Personal Success Blueprint.

My First Book Sale

This in one sense is the culmination of work that I began way back in 1997 when I first self published and then sold my first book and was handed my first check of over $100,000.

That book was created on an old typewriter, even before I owned my first computer. In fact, with the money I received from that sale I actually purchased my first computer.

Wow! What a long way I have come.

Fast-forward To 2011

So fast forward to 2011. I have worked tirelessly this past 6 months towards the creation of Self Development Mastermind – and I know that it is going to change and impact thousands of people’s lives from the more than 130 countries who now read my materials.

Why can I say that?

Simply, because every principle that I share with you has been tried and tested firstly on myself, on my family, on my staff whom I’ve employed over the more than twenty years I’ve been in business, and even on my customers whom I have served, along with readers of my three best selling motivational works and the thousands of people who have been reading my blog throughout the years, even before I seriously started to build Motivational Memo into what it is today.

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