The Road To Life Is A Disciplined Life

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‘If you love learning, you love the discipline that goes with it – how shortsighted to refuse correction.’ Proverbs 12:1 The Message

Laziness will never produce anything of value. Tardiness will leave behind disappointment and unfulfilled promises. But discipline will instill confidence and provide excellence as its hallmark.

But discipline takes on many forms, and it is my purpose to unveil how we are to apply this to our daily lives.

So here are five areas where I have found discipline to help me live a fulfilled and productive life.

1. A Disciplined Mind

How you fill your mind will determine the way you think and the way you live. That is why I spend a portion of each day in the disciplining of my mind. Most days I start by reading wisdom literature, which includes the Bible along with material written in that field – from both the past and the present. I flick though the newspapers with one purpose only, and that is to find commentary on the businesses I’m either involved or interested in, but I refuse to focus on the negative.

I am selective as to what I view on the television, and the same goes with what I listen. This is how I discipline my mind. And in addition I choose to think positive thoughts rather than entertaining those that are negative.

2. A Disciplined Heart

I choose to love. I choose to forgive. I deal with issues immediately and resolve them swiftly. I never go to sleep angry. I protect my heart by surrounding myself with those who love and support me. Any criticism thrust my way is deciphered. What is good, I take on board, but as for the rest I don’t allow it to take root in my heart. I love God and I love people, and prayer is very much a part of my everyday life.

3. A Disciplined Body

I monitor what I eat. I choose to exercise on a regular basis. I don’t overindulge. I choose the smaller piece. I take vitamin supplements. I drink filtered water. I breath in fresh air. I get sufficient sleep and generally go to bed early and rise early. I grow and eat organic vegetables and share them with those whom I love.

4. A Disciplined Day

I make lists. I keep to no more than 6 major things that need to be completed each day on that list. I do the list. And whatever is left undone at the end of the day, I translate to the next.

I set goals and work step by step towards their fulfillment.

I live at peace. I don’t do frantic, and I will not be pushed along by foolish people who lack discipline. They either fit my schedule or they just don’t fit. I’m prompt. I’m punctual. I show compassion and mercy, but if those whom I have organized meetings with fail to show within fifteen minutes of the appointed time, I leave. Why? Because I have a disciplined plan for my life. In fact, it is a written plan for tomorrow – always ready to go, today.

5. A Disciplined Life

Some people think that to have a disciplined life is to live a life that is regimented, and even robotic. But the opposite is true. Discipline creates freedom and sheds wastage, and with that comes peace and prosperity. It allows the disciplined to set their own pace without the pressure of uncertainty.

I surround myself with mentors, and whenever I make mistakes, or harm another in word or deed, I seek immediate forgiveness and am open to correction.

Discipline doesn’t mean that you are inflexible. Tragic things happen in all our lives from time to time, and I will drop my list in a second to attend to any unexpected needs faced by my family and friends. But I will do it with purpose and in a state of calm. And it is in that state that I think so much more clearly and act more responsibly than if I ever lived my life in an undisciplined fashion.

The road to life is definitely a disciplined life. So make the practice of discipline an integral part of your world.

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