The Pull Of Life

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We live in a world where there is an ever increasing demand upon our time, our talent and our treasure.

At times it’s as if we are being pulled one way, then pushed another, and at times dragged under by the demands of life – so much so that it can become a suffocating experience.

This is where you must establish your centre. Your centre is that place of peace and serene solitude where you can step from the daily pressures of life and find yourself amidst all the noise.

Don’t allow the expectations or demands of others to drive you. Maintain your integrity, and live in obedience to the call that has been placed upon your life. It is only as you maintain a state of balance that you will survive the waves that can crash on you from time to time, and glide to safety.

For in the midst of all this you must remain true to yourself. And although at times it may mean that you must swim against the tide, or even push against the current of popular opinion – you will be at peace with yourself and with your God.

Draw aside. Recharge. Receive fresh instructions and go again. Always maintain open communication with central command at headquarters. That way you will never be drowned, and you will never be burned – but will in fact sail all the way to victory – living your life both purposefully and significantly.

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