The Prestigious Academy Of Failure

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‘I would sooner fail than not be amongst the greatest.’ John Keats

I am a graduate of the ‘Academy Of Failure’. In fact, I have a ‘PhD in Failure’, and some of my professors and instructors have had the following surnames:

‘Blunder, Mistake, Error, Fault, Omission, Miss, Oversight, Slip, Trip, Stumble, Faux Pas, Scrape, Mess, Botch, Breakdown, Mishap, Misfortune, Downfall, Wreck, Miss The Mark, Succumb, Go Under, Bite the Dust, Lose, Flounder, Over Reach. Come Off Second Best, Run Aground, Come Up Against A Stone Wall, Burn One’s Fingers and Come To Grief.’

They have all been my greatest teachers.

With every failure I have learnt the power of asking one question. This question has changed my life. And the question is: ‘What can I learn from this experience?’

And on discovering the answer, and then by applying that new-found knowledge to my life, I am not only older, but I am also wiser.

Oh please do understand that even to this day I may still sign up to the same failure class for some post graduate refresher courses – one, two or even three times before I learn the lesson. But, alas when I finally get the ‘aha’ from that lesson, I never forget it. It has become forged into my very being.

So let me invite you to join me, as part of the auspicious alumni that make up both past and present attendees to the most prestigious university in the world. This is the place from which some of the most successful people who have ever lived – graduated  from the ‘Academy Of Failure.’

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