The Power Of Journaling An Idea

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Just the other night I encouraged my youngest daughter to start journaling. I have kept a journal for well over two decades now, and I know it is because of that habit that I have developed as a writer and have written more than half a dozen books – many of them bestsellers in my country and overseas. So the next day I purchased for her her first journal which she has already begun to fill with her own thoughts, drawings and ideas.

So journaling has been very much on my mind of late. And last night, as I was digging through all the material I have for a new book that I’m writing, I discovered an amazing piece that I wrote in one of my journals on the 29th June, 2000.

To put this in context, the year 2000 was long before I ever thought about starting a web design business.

Amidst all my other writings I, for some reason, wrote this following random statement – as if it appeared out of thin air: ‘I believe that there is opportunity waiting for me in the area of websites…’ and then underneath it I have drawn a square and within that square I have written the word Website and under that is a large dollar sign.

It was some time later that I attended an Internet Marketing Seminar in Sydney that changed my life, and then a little later on when I was approached to write the content for a friend’s new business and new website. Both those events consolidated the thought of owning my own web design company.

But it wasn’t until October 2003 that I tentatively started ‘OE Design – The Web Designers’ – And now in 2008, because of our success over these past few years, we are moving progressively towards franchising the company.

And it all began by journaling an idea.

Now that’s powerful.

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