The Awesome Power Of Giving

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The gift of giving is something that we all need to practice if we are to live a fulfilled life.

Life is not about getting. It’s about giving.

But the rule of the universe states that as you continue to give you will never go without. You will find yourself the recipient time and again of the giving that others shed abroad upon your lives.

I remember a time, years ago, when I attended a particular church service. It came time for the offering to be taken up. I had $20 in my pocket that was to go towards an unpaid electricity bill. The problem though was that the bill amounted to hundreds of dollars. $20 was not even going to make a dint on that bill. But because I knew the law of giving I gave my last $20 into that offering.

As my wife and I were leaving the building that night, a young man came running up to us and overtook us. Panting for breath he said, ‘You have a need. Whatever it is I’ll pay it.’

The incredible thing is that both my wife and I had not said a word to anyone about our need. Nor did we come to church with our shoulders drooping and a frown on our face.

The very next morning our bill was PAID IN FULL.

The awesome power of giving.

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