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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I have always  loved poetry from when I was a child and even through my teenage years. It was at that time that I started to write lyrics for the music that I composed.

The discipline of writing short concise thoughts fashioned me as a writer that then flowed over and into the writing of blogs, books and many other pieces that I have used in various successful businesses that I have used my creative flair to market.

Flicking through my Facebook page I stumbled across these poetic pieces that I had written some years ago, and thought I would share them with my readership.

Some have a spiritual basis, while others reflect the day to day of my life. Others are simply fun. Enjoy!


There is a time

There is a place

Both here on earth

And outer space


Where joy is found

And laughter reigns

Where strength is played

And peace remains


Take time to pause

To view the dearth

Draw close aside

And watch the birth


Of dreams withheld

Of hopes delayed

As patience wins

Dues will be paid


For as you sow

So shall you reap

Piled up high

High in a heap


The time is right

The time has come

The place is set

Receive the sum.


(c) PGJS December 2008



Trust yourself

Trust in God

Trust the gift

That makes you odd


Unique and special

Created gem

Purpose placed

His love does stem


From every word

Your life does bare

From every touch

That shows you care


God trusts in you

To share His love

So trust that trust

And rise above


(c) PGJS 15.12.2008



Be all

That God created you

To be

Don’t settle for



For many walk as dead

Though still alive

They only seek

How to survive


But dare to risk

Dare to die

Dare to live

Dare to fly


Be all

That you were born

To be

Nothing less

Something more

Use your gifts

For God’s applause


Be one who tries

To have a go

Against the tide

Yet in His flow

Of what He’s planned

For you to know


By faith

Not sight

The path to go

The truth

The life

The way to sow

And reap rewards

Defeat your foe


Be all

Be all

Be all

That God has created you

To be

And see

What wonders


Will see

Will see

Will see


(c) PGJS 16.12.2008



There is a beat

That beats

Within the very depths

Of what completes

Emotion’s waves

Where feelings flow

And love does crave

A mind that knows


For from it pours

Thunder – lightning

And in the course

Of one’s life string

All tangled, tied

But still unbroken

In that state

Much left unspoken


Yet the sounds

Thump on, thump loud

Declaring pounds

Lived by the proud

Passion placed

Broken bleeding

Compassion’s taste

Destined heeding


For from crushed petals

Downtrodden, destroyed

Rise up the metals

Of army’s deployed

And from that heart

Bright shining sun

Men’s hearts are changed

To beat as one.


(c) PGJS 2008



Fill me will you

I demand to be fed

For I hunger

And unless filled

I’ll soon be dead.


Fill me with your words

Line upon line

Matters not what syllables are used

On them

I wish to dine.


Write whatever leaves your head

But don’t forget to punctuate!!!!!

Stuff each sentence with your verbs

But make sure

That you pronunciate.


Now leave me will you

You’ve filled me up with so much stuff

Depart and come another day

For now

I’ve had enough.


(c) PGJS 3.1.09



Rivers of water

Run down my dry eyes

They fill up my heart

With flamy fuelled fires


I face mountain peaks

That stand in my way

Then swim ocean depths

Through waves as they play


Feel winds as they blow

And rains as they fall

My mind is now tuned

To hear the loud call


‘Press forward inspite

Of weather’s bad mood

Push on now regardless

Through terrains you’ve ensued

For those who will stay

Always true to their dream

Will finally arrive

Where they’ve already been.’


(c) PGJS 7.2.09



To live with a dream

Still buried within

Is to deny the world

Of what could have been.


To die with a dream

Still buried within

Is to die with unspent riches

That should have been.


So whether you live or whether you die

Spend building your dream and don’t deny.

For in so doing

We’ll not be wond’ring




What could have, or should have been.


(c) PGJS 2009



Endless ocean

Ceaseless motion

Sculptured shore

Curvatured claw

Moulding, shaping

Ravaging, raping

Smoothly planed

Mortally maimed


Fact or fiction

Granting pleasure

Meted measure

Foamy froth

Slimy sloth

Angry, glad

Happy, sad

Deepest depth

Creatures leapt

Without a trace

The human race

Erased and swept

All tears that wept

Awashed returned

Lessons learned

Repeated sound

Relentless pound.


(c) PGJS 2009

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