The Necessity Of High Aim Setting

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‘The greatest danger for most of you lies not in setting your aim too high and falling short; but in setting your aim too low, and achieving your mark.’ Michelangelo

So often in life we underestimate our hidden potential, and belittle our ability to achieve great things. Mediocrity dogs us. Small thinking denies us. Peers contain us.

And yet let me encourage you to break free from the limitations of your mind and your circumstances, and go possess what God has created you to possess. For there is a personal greatness found within each and every one of us. It is a seed that is simply waiting to burst forth into evidential life above the surface of life’s resistance.

Think outrageous thoughts. Dream stupendous dreams. Dare to fail. For only those who attempt great things will ever know the joy gained from the lessons learnt during those precious times – whatever the outcome.

Refuse to be locked in to average. Burst forth and live a life that is aimed higher than high itself, and receive the rewards of living such a rich and adventurous life.

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