The Journey Of Journalisation

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It’s now been well over twenty years since I started to keep a journal of some sort or fashion, and I know for a fact that it is because of my daily, weekly or occasional doodles, when I poured out my heart onto the page of my secret journal, that clarity often came and plans were made. Inspiration was suddenly unveiled at times and then there were times when tears dripped onto the page. At times the entries were placed in calendered order and then other times, when in need of expressing myself, the entries were placed in whatever journal was available at the time.

It wasn’t what was written that was always of the greatest importance. It was the fact that I was willing to take the thoughts that were bombarding the walls of my mind and risk future exposure at one point in time.

Reading one entry, it went like this: ‘I suppose in years to come my kids are going to discover my scribblings in numerous places all over the place. A book here, a journal there, and some more material on my computer and the list will go on. Not necessarily categorically filed or kept – just like this one, but each expressing the need to have my thoughts recorded somewhere.’

Oh there are a whole range of whiz bang hare-brained schemes found within the pages of my journals amidst the scattering of profundity, but it doesn’t matter because it is my journal and it is for my eyes only.

There are drawings, diagrams, goals, dreams, and recordings of events. There are concerns. There are solutions. There are questions and there are affirmations. It is a place of solace where comfort can be gained as I share with my maker in an intimate manner and as I battle with the thoughts that pervade in my mind.

And as I reread these recordings my heart rises and my heart falls as I start to realise how far I have come and how far I have yet to go. There is honesty within these pages. There is hope. There is despair. This is a heart on open display. This is human existence revealed. This is the route for human discovery and for human existence. Within the journal there is revealed a map. It is a journey. It is a journalisation journey.

As every day is recorded in your journal it projects the humanity of the writer onto the page. You listen to their cries. You relate to their pains. You rejoice with their successes. You cringe at their defeats. You admire their tenacity. You’re amazed at how short their memory is. You wonder at their confusion, but yet you marvel at their willingness to get up, dust off and try, try, try again.


After writing the above I was moved so much by the fact that I had discovered some long lost desires that I’d recorded that I had to go for a walk. The night air was cool and refreshing as I walked along, but a wave of emotion encased me at one point as I reviewed some of the things I had just read in one of my journals.

My utter humanity had been exposed. Deep down I know that I’m a winner, and yet in reading some of my accounts, some of my goals and some of my dreams, I was blatantly made aware of the fact that many of my dreams had not as yet come to pass. I was stirred. I was spurred. I was challenged to reconsider some of the thoughts I had dared to write down.

I had dared to consider success. I had dared to dream dreams bigger than I had previously ever imagined.

So, is that one of the reasons why keeping a journal is such a powerful part of revealing your personal uniqueness?

Brian Sher, in his book ‘What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep A Secret’ writes, ‘ Be unique or be nothing at all.’ He goes on to write, ‘that being unique means making the conscious and definite choice to go against the grain and risk sticking your neck out.’ He adds, ‘Your uniqueness is what makes you stand out.’ His reference is in relation to having a unique business, but the principles apply to personal uniqueness as well. He encourages his readers to find their uniqueness, ‘develop it and use it every day. Successful people know the power of uniqueness and make sure they use it.’

It is my experience that in keeping a journal that you will be embarking on a journey of discovering your personal uniqueness. There is something mystical about putting words directly onto a blank sheet of paper. There is clarification. There is enlightenment and there is a finetuning that occurs by simply putting pen to paper in your journal.

I challenge you to keep a journal. By doing so on a regular basis, new worlds will open before you as you discover who you really are.

Motivational Quote: Your journalisation journey begins with the first written word.

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