The Interpretation Of My ‘Three Trucks’ Dream

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Dreams have penetrated the depths of my sleep in a meaningful way for years now.

Whenever I have a dream I seek out an interpretation of that dream.

I do this because throughout the pages of the Good Book the General Of The Universe would often guide people through the agency of dreams.

At one point in history Joseph, who happened to be a prisoner in Egypt at the time was asked to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh. The resultant actions not only promoted Joseph to second in charge to Pharaoh, but also saved the nation from a disastrous famine, while even saving his own family who had sold him into slavery years before.

So dreams are powerful, and I always ask the question, after I experience a dream session, – ‘What does it mean?’

That Brings Me To My Dream About Three Trucks

Just the other night I dreamt of three trucks. One was an old dump truck, the next a pick up truck and finally a delivery truck.

Let me give you the interpretation.

1. The Dump Truck

It was a beat up old truck – dilapidated, dented and rusty.

The prime purpose for a dump truck is to dump.

The dump truck in our lives is to take all the old, the negative, and the bad from our life and dispose of it.

Our lives were never made to contain negativity. Negativity destroys, is noxious, and adds no real value to our life, or to the lives of others.

So if you find any of that in or around your life, the message is clear – dump it.

2. The Pick Up Truck

The pick up truck is designed for one thing, and that is to pick up. It is to pick up all the good things that life has to offer you. It is to pick up good thoughts, good words, good friends, good income, good answers, good solutions, good service, good family, and the list goes on and on and on. It’s all good.

Don’t pick up anything but good, for goodness has been designed for you.

And if bad happens to come your way, look for the good that may be deposited deep within, for with every adversity there is planted a seed of ‘good’ opportunity, and for every storm there is a ‘good’ rainbow.

3. The Delivery Truck

The delivery truck is designed to deliver all the greatness that resides within you to others.

I have often said that ‘givers are better livers’.

Whatever you have received has been given to you, not for storage purposes, but rather to share with others.

We as humans have not been designed to be reservoirs, nor dams, but rather rushing rivers that provide others with a life energizing and sustaining force called love.

We were created as channels, not plugs, and the more you give the more you will position yourself to receive.

Deliver kindness. Deliver generosity. Deliver excellence. Deliver wisdom.

To date, how have you found these trucks working in your life?

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