The Intelligent Way To Make Money In The Pursuit Of Your Passion

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In response to my article ‘7 Reasons Why I Love Being Unemployable’, one of my readers wrote, “I love how you ended the article with ‘Profit follows passion that is pursued intelligently.’ Any tips for pursuing it intelligently?”

Because it was such a great question I would like to share with you the response I gave her…

‘Hi Wendy.

Thank you so much for your comments.

Pursuing intelligently? Well can I speak from my own current experience as I am now in the process of monetizing my blog activities?

I have followed the same process in a number of successful businesses that I have owned and operated throughout the years. And I’m doing it again.

1. I have found one of the smartest people on the planet – who has made significant income from blogging – and I am now sitting at his feet – learning and applying what I learn. I have invested in my education first.

2. In addition I have surrounded myself with a team of people who are smarter than me and who make up for my weaknesses.

3. I am also beginning to build relationships with people in my area of passion all around the globe.

4. And I am working harder than ever to become better at what I do – and that is to inspire, motivate and equip.

That in my experience is the simple formula for ‘intelligent pursuit’ if you wish to profit from your passion.’

There Is Nothing That You Cannot Achieve

Life is a constant ‘work in progress’, but with the consistent application of discipline, dedication to your craft, and diligence – there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Not only will you position yourself to profit financially from your efforts, but at the same time you will begin to profit in the development of your mastermind group of powerful thinkers. In addition you will engender enjoyment in your daily activities while delivering happiness to others along the way.

And here are two powerful quotes I have recently read in Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think & Grow Rich’ that align with the subject matter of this article.

‘Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.’

‘A definite plan plus a burning desire for wealth – are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth.’

So my challenge to you is to profit from the intelligent pursuit of your passion. Success awaits you with open arms.

Have you clearly identified your passion? What plans are you putting in place to profit from its pursuit?

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