The Importance Of Walking The Talk

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‘Talk the walk, then walk the talk.’

People don’t like associating with hypocrites. Particularly, if you a hold a position of leadership, followers want to know that you’re not just a bunch of words. They want to be assured that what you talk, you walk.

Now let’s be totally honest with each other. None of us is entirely faultless, but I have found that in raising three children I was given the greatest opportunity through the years to develop the practice of lining up my walking with my talking. Children don’t miss a thing.

So whenever I asked my children to clean up their room, I always needed to make sure that I had already cleaned up my shed.

When it comes to guiding those whom I employ, I need to never ask someone to do what I’m not willing to first do myself. I suppose it’s all summed up by the three words, ‘Lead by example’.

In leadership your confession should always be, ‘Do what I do, not just do what I say’.

If you live like that, you will never lack followers.

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