The Importance Of The Daily Calm Hour

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For many years now I have made it my habit to take myself to a quiet place where I can be uninterrupted in thought, prayer and meditation for one hour at the start of my day.

This is what I have called my Daily Calm Hour.

By prioritizing this in my life, and by making it a disciplined habit, I find that I am able to then approach each day with clarity, assuredness and peacefulness.

This is the time that I listen to uplifting music, read inspirational material from the Bible and other wisdom literature and where I fill my journal with thoughts that bless me and others. It is also where I create businesses, budgets, plans, goals, holidays, lists and so much more.

Years ago I made this hour a spiritual hour whereby I thought of nothing except the spiritual part of my life. But over the years the spiritual, the mental, the physical, the social, the business, the family have all become merged into one – for they are not separate entities but rather intermingled one with the other – and if all are attended to in a balanced fashion- then that is where a  well-rounded foundation is laid for a life of ongoing success and benefit to the world we live in.

So it is by drawing aside consistently that I am able to forge ahead with the divine plan for my life – not rushed, but rather in total control of how I will respond to whatever awaits in the day ahead.

By the time I arrive at my office – where there awaits for me my list of six prioritized matters – written the day before –  I now calmly work through and complete this list throughout the day.

From the outset I am ready to go. I am not second guessing. I have a plan, and all I need to do now is to outwork that plan step by step and piece by piece.

It is a discipline that I have developed over many decades now – but I highly recommend it to others if they wish to live their life in a state of and at the rate of calm.

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