The Heartbeat Of Prayer

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It has been my experience, ever since being a small child, that when there seems to be no apparent way forward that through prayer a doorway is always opened. Prayer turns the impossible into the possible. Prayer is not only the key, but is in fact the entrance to a life of the miraculous. ‘Ask and it shall be given’ urges us to ask our Heavenly Father for what we need, as children would ask their earthly parents.

It is His desire to answer. It is His desire to bless. It is His desire to accompany each of us on our life’s journey. He clearly states that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

But how are these prayers to be formed? Though I was raised in a religious format of strict formalisation, from my own personal experience there is no need for such, for prayer is the natural conversation had between a parent and their child. My heavenly Father is interested in the day to day menial tasks that I conduct just as much as He is interested in the momentous decision making events that shapes my life. For does He not take notice when even a sparrow falls from a tree?

At times He wants to hear the endless chatter of His child, and then there are times that He simply desires to hold us as we silently snuggle up into His all encompassing embrace.

There is the spoken prayer and then there is the heartfelt, silent expression of a soul who is simply seeking solace and compassion. Then at times there are the open and angry demands followed by the questions seeking answers.

He hears. He listens. He responds. Maybe not always in the manner we planned or the fashion we desired, but as our Father His desire is nothing but for our best – nothing more and nothing less. For His heart beats for you and for me – wanting only that He might spend eternity with us, as a father spends time with His favoured children.

This conversation will carry on and through the ages, forever deepening the relationship that has been birthed on earth through prayer.

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