The Heart Playground

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Two of my children and I kayaked from the mainland, across the Pumicestone Passage, to Bribie Island yesterday.

We got wet, used muscles in our arms and legs that we hadn’t used in a while. We paddled against the wind and the current, and even chased a stingray who suddenly disappeared, as if by magic, in the sandy bottom.

We disembarked, once we reached the island, and then walked barefoot to the other side where we splashed in the ocean waves as they crashed onto the shore. We marveled at a sea eagle as it floated effortlessly through the air. We picked up a stray piece of driftwood and drew in the sand and we sunk in the soft sand up to our knees.

On returning to our kayaks we then paddled towards a flock of seagulls and a group of pelicans. Hopping out of our vessels we ran straight towards them with waving hands and raised voices before being enthralled by the sea of white that was now soaring above our heads.

It was then time to catch the wind and the current to where we had first set off. All in all we had laughed, we had yelled, we had run, we had splashed and we had talked. On our return I stripped down to my swimming costumes and ran straight back into the water, fully immersing myself in the watery playground that had just a minute ago transported us to and from the island.

A simple day in a simple life filled with simple joys shared with my family. How satisfying and how precious are these moments that become embedded as memories in the walls of our joyful hearts.

Take time out of your busy schedule and get busy about building your own healthy memories and relationships with the ones you love. If you nurture them then they will be around long after your office door is closed for business.

Bless your heart!

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