The Hallmark Of Humility

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‘If you’d gone up the way you came down, you’d have come down the way you went up.’ Charles Spurgeon

When one of Charles Spurgeon’s students proudly stepped up to preach, but came back down failing miserably, Spurgeon supposedly said something like, ‘If you’d gone up the way you came down, you’d have come down the way you went up.’

Pride comes before a fall. It is only in humility that there is a lift. It not only lifts the one who demonstrates the spirit of humility, but it in fact lifts everyone that the humble person comes in contact with.

Pride divides. Humility unifies.

When praise is heaped upon you for a job well done, learn to deflect the praise by simply saying, ‘thank you’, and then begin to thank all those who have assisted you in your achievement. For not one of us can ever achieve great success alone.

Be as the little boy who came home from the auditions for the school play announcing, ‘Mummy, I got the part. I’ve been chosen to sit in the audience and cheer.’

I am so grateful for the cheer squads that God has provided for me throughout the years. Among them are my family and my close friends. Silently and unnoticed they are continually goading me on and encouraging me as they sit in the audience, but without their love and support I would be nothing.

I know for a fact that when I meet my friends, family and mentors from when I was first born, in heaven, that they will be some of the first whom I will seek out to meet and greet and say thank you.

Having played soccer for many years I know for a fact that when a team wins because of a goal scored by one of the players, the whole team wins. Without the members of a team passing that ball the length of the field it would have been impossible for the star player to score the goal.

Life is exactly like that. We may get to score the goals, but it takes all the relationships leading up to that goal’s achievement that makes it all possible.

So may humility be the hallmark of your life. And as an act of humility, when you’re up, return to those who stood with you when you were down, and take their hand, look them straight in the eye and say sincerely, ‘Thank YOU!’

Source Material: Bob Gass

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