The Exact Steps To Money, Fame, Status & The Freedom Of Financial Independence..

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I’m always on the lookout for valuable material that can add value to your life.

I received a letter in the mail from London some weeks ago promoting the following success system. At first I was somewhat skeptical, but with further investigation I discovered that this system really does contain proven principles and success strategies that explain the exact steps to money, fame, status and the freedom of financial independence.

80 years ago a meeting of masters took place in London England to help create a unique and practical success system – the likes of which had never been done before.. or indeed since.

It was here a team of “success experts” were assembled and called in by a daily newspaper to create a unique self-development plan that would help the average person better themselves and their positions in life. What started out as a single volume soon became so big, it was broken down into 12 books. This would also help the newspaper attract and keep readers by forcing them to save vouchers for each book.

It worked.

The course was taken up by hundreds of thousands of people and the Daily Herald became one of the best selling newspapers of its day.

Since this time, the newspaper was bought out by a bigger concern, and was eventually sold again after the Second World War strained resources.

You only need to read a few pages of the first lesson, which I am holding one of the original copies in my hands in the above photo, to realise how powerful this course is. Far from a collection of positive thinking tips or cosmic attraction hocus-pocus, the ‘Live Successfully’ plan was designed to be a very practical course that would produce results for the average reader in the real world.

I’m big on practical. There is so much theory out there that it is refreshing to discover some practical wisdom in the world of ‘self development’.

The project evolved into a 12-part course, each lesson being a complete book in its own right revealing practical principles and strategies in a focused area of success development. Together, the 12 books form one of the most comprehensive resources and success plans ever created.

If you really want to know what ‘success’ is, how to achieve it and how your hidden talents can help you live a happy, rich and successful life, you need to investigate this amazing course.
Special Offer: Order The Entire ‘Live Successfully’ System Today For Only $27 (normally $423.96).


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