The Deity In Spontaneity

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As I view God’s creation around me, amidst the order and the chaos, there is evidence of the spontaneous.

From my balcony the other day I watched as a black mass moved beneath the waters heading south, not far from the shore. Then appeared the fins of a pod of dolphins feeding in a splashing frenzy on that same shoal of fish.  Soon the feeding party was joined by a flock of hovering and diving seagulls who partook of the crumbs left over from the dolphin’s dining table. But then within minutes they were gone. Spontaneous in appearance and spontaneous in disappearance. And yet what joy it gave both myself and my family as we accidentally came upon this scene.

And then another time with frisbee in hand one day and kite the next, splashes of laughter were shared by all involved on the beach amidst the wind and the waves – all because of a spontaneous act of providing these tools of fun.

Life at times can be too ordered and too planned, and yet if we pause to capture the spontaneity that can be grasped at any moment – creativity can be suddenly unleashed.

For it is there that you can at times even find yourself suddenly face to face with God himself. For He is the deity who appears in the moments – and it is quite often there that you will discover Him in the giggle and in the spontaneous play.

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