The Defining Qualities Of The White Hot & Indispensable

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white hotPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

There is no place in your life to be lukewarm. You’re either hot or cold. And while you’re hot – determine to be white hot.

Do you roll out of bed each day or do you leap?

Someone who has a purpose, has a plan, has a dream and has a destiny will jump into each day with an enthusiasm that is contagious like a raging bushfire.

Oh and it’s always nice to have people standing on the sidelines cheering you on. My mum and dad sent me a birthday card recently that said: ‘We are so happy for you as you go from strength to strength in following your destiny and dreams.’ Now that fires me up.

Why not share that same fire with a friend or a member of your own family? Help them in the pursuit of their own hot button.

Unveil Your Hot Button

But what is your hot button? What inspires you? What keeps you up at night? What are you dreaming about while you’re wide awake?

Have you discovered it yet?

Without finding your hot button, you could possibly die of frostbite – or send everyone around you to sleep. You and I were born to push our hot button. You were born to add value to our family, our friends and our world.

You weren’t born to be put on ice. You were born to be red hot, to be ablaze with a burning passion and a fiery desire to make a significant difference every single day that you live here on planet earth.

So what are my words to you today?

Make it your mission in life to discover your mission.

The Privilege Of Adding Value

You don’t need permission, for you have been given a commission to add value to every task that you undertake, every life that you touch, and every project you complete.

No matter how insignificant the world might tell you about the task you have been assigned – treat it as a royal command that was issued for you, and only for you to undertake.

Be light. Be salt. Be a city set on a hill. Be generous. Be excellent. Be YOU!

Be the one who has found their hot button, and who is aflame with excitement as they approach each and every day – ever expectant that great things are about to happen.

These are the qualities of someone who is indispensable and white-hot.

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