The Defining Qualities Of A Decision Maker

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decision makingPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘It were better that in Causes of weight, the Matter were propounded one day, and not spoken to, till the next day.’ Sir Francis Bacon

Recently, because of the actions of another I was devastated.

My first reaction was – to react. But fortunately I was reminded of the wise counsel given to me by Sir Francis. For a lot can happen in a man’s heart between ‘one day’ and ‘the next day’. So it is wisdom, when having to deal with ‘Causes of weight’, that we learn to ‘sleep on it’.

So I wrote pages of notes on the ‘one day’, responding as to how wrong I felt the decision and directives were from the other party. I stated my case in a full and logical format, but even by writing, which I thought would be therapeutic, I still felt betrayed, wounded and miserable for the entire day.

Even when I woke up the following morning, the events of the previous day were still stinging my heart. So I wrote some more. But by midday, I’m pleased to report that, I’d gained a fresher perspective on the matter, and was given a better, more positive plan, to respond to what had been done to me.

I couldn’t change what had happened to me, but I could take control of how I would respond, by simply waiting until ‘the next day’.

What I had written is never going to find its way into a letter or an email – but will remain forever tucked away for my eyes only. However, the matter of whether or not to respond in a certain way – the decision of whether I would or whether I wouldn’t  – was resolved by simply allowing time to pass – thus turning my reaction into a positive action.

This decision will now allow me to have the opportunity of building stronger relationships both now and into the future.

The Decision To Be Generous

By deciding to live a generous life, you are in fact giving two gifts every time that you give to another. For the gift you give is the gift you receive.

Let me explain.

Every time someone chooses to give, something happens on the inside. It’s as if a spark of life is ignited within. Simultaneously, it’s as if a gift has been deposited into the depths of your very own heart.

And particularly, if you have no expectation of a return, nor a thank you – nothing – it makes the whole experience just that much more richer.

The Law Of Sowing & Reaping

For every gift that you give, so that others live, you in turn receive the gift of life. And that is why a giver will always be a longer liver.

The reason is quite simple. A universal law guides the principle of giving. That universal law is the law of sowing and reaping. It clearly states that as you sow, so shall you reap.

Life is not about getting. True and fulfilled living is about giving.

Whenever I come across a giver, they are clearly identified by the characteristics of a smile, a sense of a greater purpose than themselves, and a vibrancy for life that is contagious.

So let me encourage you to give yourself a gift by deciding to find another, in greater need than yourself, and give of your time, your treasure or your talent.

Then stand back and watch as a greater life for you will be unveiled before your very eyes, both now and in the future.

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