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Hi there, my name is Peter G. James Sinclair, and I’m passionate about helping others to achieve their life’s mission and to discover their life’s passion.

Having already self published three best selling books in my own nation, I’m excited to release my first parabolic book entitled The Creator.

Here’s a snapshot….

‘Won’t you tell me the story tonight?’ Seth cried out to his father across the flames as they leapt to lick the frosty air. It was the families’ nightly vigil to sit around the fire, carefully constructed by the father and his son. It kept the family warm for the night.

‘And what story would that be, my son?’ replied Adam.

‘The one about the beginning.’


Drawing from the creation story, Adam teaches his son The Seven Ways of Creation: seven principles learnt from the original story, but also birthed out of his own personal failure and tragic loss.

His son is soon to be married and it is for this reason that he takes him to the sacred place, The Rock. It is there that he places within his son’s heart and mind the keys that will prepare him to succeed where others have failed.


THE CREATOR is a motivational/inspirational parable built around one of the most famous stories ever known to mankind. In this book I provide my readers with fresh insights into the frailty of mankind. And yet at the same time I sensitively portray the resilience of the human spirit in the face of great loss and destruction.

The message I share is one that echoes down the corridors of the ages and is as relevant today as it was in the beginning.

As humans, we have each been given the awesome power to create. This is not a privilege to be taken lightly, for we can either create our own heaven or our own hell on earth. The choice is ours.

The good news though is that for every life there can always be a new beginning.


Peter G. James Sinclair


Here is what business, motivational and inspirational leaders are saying about ‘The Creator’….

“I’ve known Peter for a while now and know him to be a great writer, and somebody who has a flair for telling stories that teach. His book ‘The Creator’ is something I’m listening to just now. Peter has a great imagination which he eloquently puts into words, and the spoken word, and has the gift of a great teacher. If you’re looking for a great writer or story teller I would say you won’t get better than Peter.” Steven Aitchison, Owner, Change Your Thoughts.

“Peter is one of the most passionate and intelligent self improvement bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He tirelessly aims to produce compelling and thoughtful content and he succeeds, whole heartedly. He is an inspiration to me and most definitely to his ever expanding audience. If Peter created it, I endorse it. It’s just that simple.” Erin Falconer, Editor in Chief, PickTheBrain.
“Peter G. James Sinclair has a wisdom that we all need to tap into. His creativity, knowledge, experience and motivation will not only benefit all who read his material, but it will ignite you to excel in every area of life. I have gained tremendously and I know I’ll continue to increase my success by being in Peter’s network of readers and followers. I highly recommend Peter and his work for any and all who want more from life and work.” Donny Ingram, Partner, Ingram Management Group

“’The Creator’ is excellent! And what a brilliant way to release and market it!

Way to go, Peter.” John Holling, President, Social Mojo.

“Peter is AUTHENTIC! He writes from his heart and that’s what every motivational author should do. His motivational memo blog is a great resource for achieving personal success. I know the author, have been following his writings for a while, and I recommend his work to anyone who wants to create the life of his dreams.” Mohamed Tohami Bestselling Author of The Pharaohs’ Code.

“Peter’s passion is to inspire you not drag you down. ‘The Creator’ brings everything back to the beginning and allows you to start again, be refreshed and inspired without all the baggage we seem to collect on the journey.

Keep inspiring Peter.” Peter Irvine Co – Founder Gloria Jean’s Coffees International.