The Creator Query Letter

Peter G. James Sinclair

PO Box 1218

Mudgeeraba Q 4213



28 December 2011


Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. (Literary Agent)

I am presently looking for a literary agent. After reading some of the stories your company represents and noting in your profile that you have joined the team at Serendipity Literary Agency as an agent looking to acquire non-fiction self help, motivational and empowerment, women’s fiction, relationship, pop culture, leadership and non-denominational spiritual titles. – I feel that my adult fiction novella, The Creator, will fit your interests. The manuscript is complete at 15,000 words.

Seth, son of Adam and Eve, is about to leave home to be married. Still mourning the loss of two of their other sons, they share their last family meal together before Adam sets off on a nightlong march with his son to a secret place called ‘The Rock’.

On arrival at ‘The Rock’ Adam, inspired by ‘papa’, intends to not only share a greater insight into the creation story with his son, but to also present a special gift designed specifically to guide him on how to create a life that does not repeat his father’s mistakes.

Seth learns so much more about his father – the joy, the humor, the pain, and the lessons learnt as Adam opens up, like never before, about the day that he lost it all. Filled with questions, and listening intently to the fascinating insight into the beginning of recorded history, Seth still wonders what will be contained in the special gift that his father has prepared for him.

Thank you for your time and consideration. The full manuscript is available upon your request.


Peter G. James Sinclair

Email: [email protected]

Cell: +61 412 151 639

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